Sunday, 16 August 2015

End of Summer Haul

Hey guys! I recently got my first job and I was so excited to finally be earning my own money that I spent most of it within the first week of having it... Honestly who doesn't do that with their first pay check!? Anyway, I had a few things in mind that I knew I definitely wanted to get (some of which I haven't got around to purchasing because my bank card isn't here yet). I also bought a few clothing items, a bag and a purse from Primark but I didn't feel they were very interesting because they're just basic things that everyone needs.
I've really been getting into lipsticks and liquid lipsticks lately and wanted to try different brands but not spend a fortune on them in case the colours didn't suit me, I didn't like the textures etc.
I successfully bought 5 different lip products whilst shopping this day and I have no regrets! I bought 3 MUA Lipsticks, 2 matte and 1 regular. These cost £1 each and they are amazing for the price! The matte shades are in the shades Fawn Fancy which is a brown nude and Peachy Keen which is a bright but subtle pink shade. The regular lipstick is in Shade 11 and I feel that Fawn Fancy is the matte version of this lipstick.
The next lip product I bought was a Collection Creme Puff liquid Lipstick in the shade Cotton Candy 1, I love this product! This cost me £2.99 and I had heard such amazing things about the Creme Puffs and it definitely lived up to the expectations I had.
The last lip product I bought on this particular day was the Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Pink Brandy. I literally only bought this because my lipstick collection was looking far to nude for my liking. I honestly didn't expect to like it as much as I do. This is quite a coral colour and completely different to anything I would normally buy. this cost £7.99.
I bought 2 mascaras, Avon Big & False Lash Volume Mascara (which I didn't purchase in a shop, my order arrived this day) and Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Mascara. I love both of these mascaras and I know I'm really behind with Maybelline mascaras but for my first one, this is amazing. Both are very similar in the way they apply the product and they are also similar in price; Avon £5.99 (with freebies), Maybelline £7.99.
The last two things I bought this day were 2 face products, Rimmel Stay Matte in Peach Glow (£3.99) and Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour kit in fair C01 (£3.50).
I had never tried to contour before in my life until I bought this and I mean I need more practice at it but I think this product is amazing! I've tried a few Makeup Revolution products and they never fail to disappoint. The pigmentation is outstanding and it lasts on the face for so long! Once I have the hang of contouring I will never stop using this product, 10/10 would recommend.
Bye, Kearra <3