Saturday, 9 May 2015


I wanted to do something that would let you guys know a bit more about me. I couldn't think of a better way than to do the TMI tag so here's my answers!

1: What are you wearing right now? Black high waisted jeans from Matalan and an off the shoulder floral top from Primark.
2: Ever been in love or had a really bad breakup? Sadly the answer to both is no. 
3: How tall are you? 5" 7
4: Favourite book? I can't choose just one so my two favourite books are Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher and The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. 
5: Do you have any tattoos? Yes! I have two tattoos on the back of each ankle.
6: Do you have any piercings? I have the usual ear lobe piercings and I have two helix piercings on my right ear. 
7: OTP? Aria and Ezra from Pretty Little Liars! I am obsessed with them as a couple! I need an Ezra in my life!!!
8: Favourite Show? FRIENDS AND GLEE!!! And Pretty Little Liars but I haven't watched it all...
9: Favourite bands? McFly/McBusted, Bring Me The Horizen and You Me At Six!! Just to name a few, I'm obsessed with music!!
10: Something you miss. Falling asleep on the sofa and then waking up in your bed the next morning not knowing how you'd got there! That was amazing:)
11: Favourite songs? This is so hard! I literally like every song ever:') BUT, if I had to pick two they would be The Show Must Go On by Queen and Lay Me Down by Sam Smith, I love them so much!!
12: How old are you? 18
13: What is your star sign? Virgo  
14: Quality you look for in a partner? They have to be taller than me and have a good sense of humour. 
15: Favourite quote? Considering it's on my bedroom wall I would have to say " For in our dreams we enter a world entirely our own." Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter. 
16: Favourite Actor? Hugh Grant or Tim Allen, I can't choose:')
17: Favoutie colour? Lilac
18: Loud or quiet music? LOUD! I don't understand how people can listen to music quietly. 
19: Where do you go if you're sad? I go to my room, put my 'down time' playlist on and lay on my bed until I want to see anyone. 
20: Favourite thing to do in your spare time? Sing! I love to sing everywhere and anything!

I hope this gives you a little knowledge about who I am and what I like to do! In the future I think I'd quite like to do more things like this, maybe Q&As? Who knows aye! 
Love Kearra <3

Monday, 4 May 2015

Mini America Haul

I finally went on my dream holiday, Florida! My family had been saving for so long to go on this holiday and we finally managed it this year! I could go on for hours about how amazing it was and that I never wanted to leave but that's not why I'm here:).
Whilst there I spent a fair bit of dollar on bit and pieces! This mini haul is for the things that I'd never tried, impulse buys and things that you can't buy in England (cry cry). 
First up, we something that I was determined to buy while I was on holiday, a MAC product! I wanted something that I knew I would use so I thought, lipstick! I got Viva Glam II because I wanted a nice basic nude colour! This cost me $18 and now I know I like them, I want more! 
Secondly, we went to Bath and Body Works on our first day there and they had an amazing deal on their Fragrance Mists, instead if being $14.99 each they were $5! Of course I bought 3 because it made the most sense:) The scents I purchased were Sweet Pea, Endless Weekend and Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss. Sweet Peanis definitely my favourite but I love them all!
Also in Bath and Body Works I took advantage of their 5 for $5 on hand sanitizers! I technically bought 11 in the end but I paid my mum for one:). I bought 5 for me and 5 as presets. The scents I got were Cupcake Sweetie, Lil' Cutie Pie X2, Beautiful Day and Champagne Sparkle. I haven't decided which is my favourite, I love them all! I also decided to buy myself a key ring holder for them. It's just gold with different coloured heart confetti in it. 
From a little gift shop on International Drive I bought myself a disney shot glass with 2015 on it. I haven't used it and I'm not sure when I will to be honest because I don't want to break it but I thought it was a nice little trinket for myself. 
Lastly, I bought myself a couple of Elf make up brushes. The blending brush and the powder brush! I mentioned in a previous post that I'm only recently getting in make up so I thought some affordable brushes would be brilliant to start off with and to be honest I love these brushes! I use the powder brush to apply my foundation and I think it gives a really nice finish. 
I bought a lot more whilst in the states but I think these were my favourite purchases. 
Bye, Kearra <3