Wednesday, 18 May 2016

True Lips Liner Review!

I have been addicted to buying beauty products from Amazon lately and I came across this 12 pack of lip liners! I decided to do a little research (and by that I mean watch YouTube videos) and decided that they looked pretty good and so I bought some. Here is my review and some small swatches of each colour.
Now first things first, these are dirt cheap! They literally cost me £2.01 from Amazon and the shipping was completely free which is always a nice thing. They did take a bit of time to arrive, around about 3 weeks, but considering they were coming from China I wasn't to bothered.
Once they arrived I realised that whoever had packed the box had made a mistake and included an extra liner, I had two of the shade 054, BONUS!
On the packaging it states that these liners are waterproof and are enriched with aloe vera. Now I can't test it they have aloe vera in them but I could test if they were waterproof and they are! They also have no colour transfer and last for ages on the lips when worn alone. Having said this I wouldn't recommend wearing them without some form of other lip product on top because they are pretty drying.
The lasting time, when worn alone, is reasonable I guess. I wore the shade 055 which is a bright pink/reddish colour and it lasted about 5 hours which I think is pretty good considering how inexpensive they are!
All in all I would 100% recommend these lip liners to literally anyone! Click this link if you want to pick yourself up these liners!       True Lips Liners

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post and let me know if you've used these liners and what you thought!