Wednesday, 22 June 2016

What's on my iPhone 6S+!

Hey guys! I love watching and reading about what apps people have on their phone, I always end up finding a new game of photo editor to try out! So without further ado, let's get into it!
So I have an iPhone 6S+ and I honestly love it!
The screen is huge which means everything is so clear and it makes it super easy to play games;) My lock screen and home page are the same and I like to change them according to what season we are in, obviously we are currently in summer so my background is super bright and colourful. I have two pages on my phone and the first one is pretty boring to be honest. It has all the apps that already come with the phone like Health, Compass and Tips. Honestly, who uses them? I only use about half of the apps on this page and those ones are Calendar, iTunes, App Store pretty boring!
The second page gets a little bit more interesting because its where I keep all the apps I've downloaded and actually use. I have most of the apps in different folders because it is so much easier than having them all over place! The First folder is 'Fun Time.' Pretty self explanatory I think! I has all my games in there. I change these up all the time but I am 100% addicted to the game Best Fiends! I love it so much. I swap all the other games out pretty regularly because I get bored of them.
The second folder is all my social media apps. I have all the average ones to be honest; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Nothing majorly interesting about this folder.
The next two folders are a bit boring to be honest. We have all things to do with photo editing and uploading via Google and that is pretty much it for that one and then we have a few shopping apps in the next one. I keep my banking app in there too so I can access it quickly.
My Vodafone, Netflix, Gmail, Ticketmaster and Countdown+ are the remaining apps and 1 of these is the most important app on my whole phone. Netflix. I can't live without it!

That's it for what is on my iPhone! I don't have loads on there as you can see but all the necessities are there.
I hope you enjoyed this post, Kearra <3