Saturday, 20 June 2015

Hair Goals

Hey guys! All my life I have had extremely boring hair, and I want a change! Like most people I've dyed it a few times; purple, auburn, attempted ombre. I've been wanting a change for ages now but I'm to chicken to cut my hair short:) I'm going to show you a quick timeline of my hair. Warning, it's very boring:)

Attempted purple hair, it didn't go well:)
An upside to having boring, long hair is that my buns turn out pretty good usually!

Tried to ombre my hair once, didn't work out well! P.S. that ice-cream was amazing!!

Tbh, I really want to cut my hair to about shoulder length (maybe a bit longer, its a long jump from bum to shoulders!) and I really want to ombre it! I look at some celebrities hair and I oogle at it, I can't understand how it looks so perfect!! 

Vannessa Hudgens is literally goals! But look how stunning her hair is! 

I hoping to do my hair sometime over the summer so that by the time it's my birthday I can have some fresh new locks to rock! 
Hope you enjoyed this blog! Who's your hair goals?
Love, Kearra <3